Style + Champagne


A beautiful Saturday afternoon was spent at the newly renovated Darling & Co, enjoying the Style + Campaign event hosted by Styling You and Champagne Cartel.  I was a guest of Styling You representing the Charity Suited to Success (managing Dress for Success).

It was a day filled with lady love, laughter and a couple of glasses of champagne.  We dined on sushi and deserts whilst learning the latest make up tips and lessons by the Style Queen Nikki Parkinson on how to to create a killer wardrobe capsule.  Coaching was also provided on how to live a life without guilt which I applied as I reached for a second macaroon.

I met some incredible women and had an opportunity to speak about the work Suited to Success does within the local community.

Thanks to the generosity of the raffle ticket purchasing guests, Suited to Success walked away with a $1600 donation.

Special thanks to Nikki of Styling You who has been such a treasured supporter of Suited to Success.



Author: Stacey

Stylist | Plus Model | Humourist | Ambassador of the Belly Laughs | Defender of the funnies | Saviour of the Smiles | Est. 1985

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