You’ll have to speak up – I’m in a Hammock.

This hammock is overlooking the Pacific Ocean along with a girl who is reflecting on the past 24 hrs.

Tops & Pants: Surafina | Sunnies: Rayban | Shoes: Frankie 4 Footwear {gifted}

Bags packed, we flew from Brisbane to Sydney identifying our fellow ‘People’s Cruise’ cruise mates by the array of novelty hats. There was no memo advising a requirement of novelty hats , yet when Hamish & Andy are involved, novelty hats are just assumed.


Friends are fast made and laughs are shared as we sip cocktails from novelty puffer Fish glasses, sitting on the pool deck as Hamish & Andy broadcast their drivin’ / cruising’ you home show.



We’ve been on board 2 hrs and I’ve anointed myself ‘Single Stace’. All 100 The People’s Cruise crew mates are my wingmen. A signal ‘the friendly peacock’ has been created to alert me to eligible bachelors.


Dress & Scarf: Surafina {gifted] | Bag: Sportsgirl | Shoes: Frankie 4 Footwear {gifted}


Welcome drinks provided me an opportunity to obtain some Stand up comedy advice from Hamish as I implored him to dust of his Ultimate Wingman skills.


That’s a highlight reel for day one, a whirlwind day of so much excitement, we lived fast and loose, and have 9 more fun filled days to go.

13467511_10153600594856723_463094204_o (1)


Cred: The Hamish & Andy Team


Author: Stacey

Stylist | Plus Model | Humourist | Ambassador of the Belly Laughs | Defender of the funnies | Saviour of the Smiles | Est. 1985

4 thoughts on “You’ll have to speak up – I’m in a Hammock.”

  1. I love this blog ( and yes I am biased ) but I DO love your post. A travel agents dream, because all I want to do is book and cruise and drink cocktails
    Keep them coming #livingourdreams

    Liked by 1 person

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