What have I gotten myself into – Hit105 SHIP N SLIDE competition

Saturday night one of my best friends Craig calls me to tell me he’s been selected to participate in a competition with Hit 105 Brisbane on Sunday morning.  A competition to win a 4 night cruise with P & O Cruise lines, BUT he can’t get back to town in time.

He called the only person he knew, whom he could pitch such a ridiculous question too…

Craig: Stace will you be my substitute in the Giant Slip ‘n Slide competition. 

Me: Ummmm, 1,000 times yes… You had me at ‘slip’.  In the wise words of Enrique Iglesias ‘I will be your hero baby’  well subsitute.

He had no details, just a location and a time.

I rocked up to the Brisbane State High School the next morning with 3 outfit selections in tow because A) I’m a fashion blogger and B) A Girl Scout* whose always prepared

I had my swim suit, active wear and a teenage ninja turtle costume.  I had such little information about what the competition involved, and I felt that covered a spectrum of competition possibilities.

Hit 105 Brisbane set up a great festival with music, complimentary coffee, fro-yo and fish n chips.  Slip and Slide Competitor or Spectator, everyone was having a great morning.

Competition time loomed and 10 competitors stood around the metal industrial size slide, awaiting our heats to be called.  I was quite relieved it wasn’t a swim suit event, and felt competitive in best active wear.

My heat was called, as I began climbing the metal stairs to the top of the slide for my first race, I realised this competition wasn’t for the faint hearted.

The slide was high, wind was whipping my hair against my face, and the hessian bag was itchy on my tooshy.  But there was a 4 night cruise on line here, and I still had the taste of free cruise victory from joining Hamish & Andy on the Peoples Cruise last month.

My competitor and I laid our hessian bags on slide side by side, and waited for our count down.  It was a tight race, my competitor brought some great sliding form, however I had prepared my whole childhood for this moment, and those skills and knowledge in aerodynamics were serving me well.

I slid across line in first place hessian bag clenched between my butt cheeks, and smile across my face.  I had made it to the semi finals.

For my semi final race I was matched against a solid sized man.  He was definitely a crowd favourite with even my friends having put their money on him to win.  He had the weight / gravity advantage, and was a dad, so a seasoned slider.  He had me beat.

My free cruise dreams were over, for now, until the next competition.

I had a heap of fun, and pushed myself out of my comfort zone as well as walking away  with a $25 Westfield gift voucher for participation  (which I’ll be promptly using for my subsequent osteopath appointments).

Thanks a million Hit 105 for the fun times.

|| Tights: Active Truth {gifted} | Kicks: Converse | Top: TS 14+ | Jacket: Dotti | Sunnies: Seed Heritage ||

*I was never a girl scout.



Author: Stacey

Stylist | Plus Model | Humourist | Ambassador of the Belly Laughs | Defender of the funnies | Saviour of the Smiles | Est. 1985

One thought on “What have I gotten myself into – Hit105 SHIP N SLIDE competition”

  1. how could you not laugh as you read this post, oh my gosh it was like watching it all happen in real life.

    Wish we were their to cheers you on ❤️


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