‘Get Bucked’ – Osher Günsberg’s Bucks Party with Hit105

Apparently the concept of a bucks night dates back to ye olde England, where Henry VIII would host these bucks nights by getting the party started through a Town Cryer.

For media personality Osher Gunsberg’s bucks night, our Town Cryers were in the form of breakfast duo Stav & Abby on Hit 105.

If you wanted to attend, you just had to win your way there – which I did by sharing on national radio a fairly terrible Tinder date story.

As far as Bucks parties go, this wasn’t my first rodeo having attended two bucks parties previously (one of which as the best (wo)man).

Upon entry at the iconic XXXX brewery we were greeted by a unicycle performer, which really set the mood for what was coming.

Photo cred: Hit 105

It was reality TV star studded event with contestants from previous series of the Bachelor and Bachelorette in attendance.

Funny girl Heather Maltman made us all wish we hadn’t skipped leg day, rocking up in a lust worthy red jumpsuit.  Drew Woolford disappointingly showed up sans his trademark Owl, but when asked nicely, did allow me to put his hair in a man bun.   Michael Turnbull brought smoulder, all the smouldering, smoulder.

The top floor of the XXXX Brewery Ale house had stands set up to ensure guests were looking their best with Jimmy Rod’s providing ‘Osher do’s’ for the lads, and VR Mobile Beauty Therapy providing manicures for the ladies.

Whether you were participating in ‘Pinning the hair on Osher’ competition, having your photo taken at ‘The Hangover’ themed photo board or getting yourself a Mike Tyson temporary tattoo, there was no shortage of activities.

Guests were treated to a great selection of  canapés from vegan sushi to sausage rolls (and my absolute favourite arancini balls), naturally accompanied by XXXX Gold.

Stav and Abby were dressed to impress as they took to the stage to introduce the man of the night, Osher. A highlight of the night though were the numerous video messages left by Oshers colleagues throughout his media career.

Osher had the honour of ‘Tapping the keg’, before Hamish & Andy truely got the party started, strutting out on stage in blonde wigs, midriff tops and short shorts as ‘Hot Girl DJs’.

Photo cred: Hit 105

They entertained the crowd with their exceptional quick wit, humour, twerking and somewhat dubious ‘actual’ DJing ability.

Hot Girl DJs finished their 40 minute set by flinging their sweaty bras to the crowd.

All of the nostalgia came out to play when Australian Idol runner up and National Treasure Shannon Noll stepped on stage to perform.   He closed the formalities of the night by inviting Osher on stage for a duet of ‘What about me’.

As we said our goodbyes and just prior to all the die hards of us pushing onto the after party in the Valley, we were handed anti hangover goodie packs from our thoughtful Hit 105 hosts – what a life saver… 1000 x thank you’s 👌


In summary what an Incredible night of all the fun – A huge thank you for having me Hit 105.

Author: Stacey

Stylist | Plus Model | Humourist | Ambassador of the Belly Laughs | Defender of the funnies | Saviour of the Smiles | Est. 1985

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