“It’s okay, I’m in the Cartel” – BTS on the Champagne Cartel Photoshoot. 

Ahhh ocean cruising – where cheese platters and espressos martinis aren’t just for a night out anymore – it’s just Tuesday morning brunch.

This blog post isn’t titled ‘My time indulging on the ocean’ though, and a few days into the trip (and reaching for another stuffed green olive) I felt my phone buzz.

It was an email from the writing and marathon running half of Champagne Cartel, Carolyn. Champagne Cartel is an online publication for smart, sassy women who want to live an F— yes life featuring a collection of writers who contribute to healthy and positive discussions for women in our community. I met Carolyn and Gillian of Champagne Cartel earlier this year at the Style & Champagne event and developed the biggest professional boss babe crush on these best buds and killer business women.

Carolyn’s email was along the lines of “Stace – something something fashion, something something style – let’s book you to model for this super duper exciting new online store”

As I typed yes straight away while munching on that stuffed green olive, I made a silent prayer that this modelling assignment would feature Moo-Moos or some other sort of highly forgiving kaftan. Because this chick be espresso martini sippin’ and cheese board nibblin’ her way through the Pacific with her personal trainer thousands of kilometres away.

Back on dry land I arrived on set of the shoot with no moo moo in sight.

The Champagne Cartel collection did, however, have an array of adorable, sassy and completely relatable slogan tee’s, singlets, beautiful dainty jewellery, and lush home wares. Every piece in the collection was stunning and so true to the Champagne Cartel brand.

Model behaviour: Nicole, Danielle & Stace

Gillian led the creative direction, and developed some great looks for the three models. Champagne Cartel tees and singlets were expertly partnered with cocktail evening appropriate skirts and heels, as well as some snazzy Active Truth tights and Frankie 4 Footwear sneakers for off duty style.

Our hair and make up pro, Suzie of Gold Coast Hair and Make Up, was an onsite angel (even though she usually works with Miss Universe contestants). Bless her and her industrial strength contouring pallets.

It was an amazing day surrounded by a flurry of creativity. I loved being in a room with smart driven witty women who support and encourage each other, which is essentially the ‘Champagne Cartel’ MO.

In between nabbing those great shots of the stunning pieces from the collection, the girls and I sipped champagne, ate cheese and swapped awful yet ultimately hilarious dating stories.   So, I assume not unlike backstage at Victoria Secret shows.

To wrap up – This has to be one of my favourite days in 2016.

Thank you Champagne Cartel for having me.

Stacey, Gillian, Danielle & Carolyn


Editors note: This post is not sponsored, all views expressed are my own.

Author: Stacey

Stylist | Plus Model | Humourist | Ambassador of the Belly Laughs | Defender of the funnies | Saviour of the Smiles | Est. 1985

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