Postcards from Summer – Take me back

A few weeks ago I was eating a hot dog and drinking beer at the Roar Football game.

Now Friday nights watching football at Suncorp Stadium is a far cry from my natural habitat.

I don’t follow or play sports…. but I do quite fancy a guy who likes sports so much, he flew from Australia to England return for a weekend to watch a football game.  That’s over 47hrs flight time for a 90 min football game.  Crazy right? – But I like crazy.

*Go sports team* Note: Beer and Hotdog are just out of frame. Crazy sports guy Mark & Stace

So here I was at the football when I received an invitation to spend the following Friday on a super Yacht with the gorgeous creatives of Naudic at the ‘Postcards from Summer’ event.

Swapping my beer for champagne?

Swapping my hotdog for Hors d’oeuvres?

As you can imagine my reply was ‘Holy Crap Yes’ 

‘I’d be delighted to attend’.

I had met Emma the owner /creative boss babe of Naudic a few weeks earlier when I modelled her beautiful clothing collection in a charity catwalk event.  Emma is a smart, savvy, fashionable and fun business woman.  Naudic clothes are beautiful, bold and bohemian.

Onboard the incredible Crystal Blue luxury yacht we had the chance to meet and mingle with like-minded women.  

Whilst sipping champagne we viewed some stunning Naudic clothing that was styled to suit three travel destinations in collaboration with Chic Travellers.

Feet on Fleek

‘We’re gonna need a bigger boat’ – actually no no this one is just fine!

Jorja, Stace & Marie (@thebrisbanegirl)

Bohemian girl band Album cover… or just some Naudic loving babes crusin’.  Photo cred: @thebrisbanegirl
Whenever I look at the photos from this crazy fun fashion day, all I think is ‘take me back‘.  Thanks for having me Emma.

This post isn’t sponsored, all views expressed are my own.  I was a guest of Naudic at the post cards from Summer event.

‘Whatever floats your boat’ – Sensory Deprivation Floating with City Cave

Do you recall the Simpson’s episode where Homer takes Lisa to a New Age store?  The owner convinces them to undertake a spiritual journey by floating in a sensory deprivation tank?   I fondly recall Homer floating and singing ‘oh ee oh ah ah, bing bang, walla walla bing bang’ in his tank.

Well, if it’s good enough for Homer and Lisa, it’s good enough for me.  So I made my way to City Cave Float Centre in the Valley.

Having been opened only 3 weeks the premise was immaculate and welcoming.

Sensory Deprivation Therapy also known as Float Therapy is laying in a pod filled with water and a heap of Epsom Salt (350 – 400kg to be precise!)  This combo creates a fluid which makes you float effortlessly.  The water is matched with your body temperature which gives you the feeling of zero gravity.  Closest thing to floating in space.

Being deprived of all of my senses with the exception of the sound of my own breathing to me sounded intriguing and just slightly daunting, in particular being left alone with only my thoughts.

I had a couple of burning questions before ‘diving in’…

Can I drown?

What if I fall asleep and go past my allocated hour?  

The owners Tim & Jeremy patiently answered all my questions and indulged my every Simpsons reference and pun.

Firstly – No one world-wide had ever drowned, it’s practically impossible the boys tell me.  The Epsom salts keep you buoyant regardless of your weight or size and even if you did by some Cirque du Soleil way manage to flip onto your tummy, the Epsom salts in your eyes would remind you where you are quick smart.

Secondly – If you relax so much you fall asleep (which I did have a wee kip), gentle music plays for the final 10 minutes, which signals it’s time to get up and out and showered…. after ten minutes if you are still asleep, they put on Foo Fighters which will definitely get you up and at ’em and searching for the nearest Monkey Wrench.    Note they have only had to use the Foo Fighters technique once.

You can opt to go in the Pod in your cozzie, although in the nudie is recommended, and nudie is what I did.

For the first 15 minutes of my allotted hour I sloshed around enjoying the novelty, whilst singing ‘oh ee oh ah ah, bing bang, walla walla bing bang’ to myself.  I was plagued with thoughts did I leave my hair straightener on?  What time did I say I was meeting my brother after?  Did I remember to mute my phone? Am I relaxed yet?  Is my ear plug slipping out? I think its slipping out… oh dear god it’s slipping out…. before I willed myself to clear my mind and actually relax, so much I had a wee snooze.  Sure enough sweet sounds awoke me up, and I hopped out feeling all the zen, before enjoying a shower in City Cave’s beautiful facilities.

For those who may be slightly claustrophobic, they have a float pool available, which will give you a similar sensation as the Pod although open air.

The clientele for Float therapy ranges from professional athletes to hippies and high end business people.   It’s been reported that some pregnant women may even hear their bubbas heart beat?  – How cool is that?

In a nut shell, I enjoyed the experience.  The novelty, then the actual relaxation.  I will be going back again this month for another floaty float experience.  I might even try their new ‘couples float pool’ …. should I have a willing participant that is… please leave your expression of interest in the comments below.

City Cave Float Centre can be found at 29b/25 James St, New Farm QLD 4006, (07) 3252 5674.  Check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

Editors note: This post is not sponsored, all views expressed are my own.