Dear New Zealand, I owe you an apology

Dearest New Zealand,

I’m sorry for all the times I called you boring.  You are a magnificent bastard of a country.

Thanks for the chocky fish.

Love Stacey x

I grew up in New Zealand from the age of 10 – 21.  I will call these my least appreciative and some what ungrateful years.   Perhaps I was too busy thinking about school, boys and what my career will be, to appreciate the beauty of my surroundings.

People would say ‘Oh New Zealand, its beautiful, so many sheep and the landscape is spectacular.

I would tell them, ‘it’s boring, there are no cool animals like pandas and the isn’t everyones greenery, well green?’

After 31 years on this planet,  Ive had an epiphany that no, not everyones greenery is green.

I travelled back to NZ last week for a family wedding, and took some time to explore the country I had taken for granted a decade ago.

For the first time, I truely saw the natural beauty.  The country side previously slated as boring, is so lush it was mesmerising.

The rolling hills looked like scenes from a movie, I had half expected King Kong or a hobbit to stroll past.

The beaches and mountains in New Zealand are world class, perhaps it took a few years and some travel abroad to realise that.

The stand out from my brief trip was Cathedral Cove, Coromandel.   A short hike, a climb over a keep out danger sign and navigating some missing stairs had us arrive at a beach so stunning, I thought would only exist in a far off exotic island.

I now look back at my old home of New Zealand with a heart full of appreciation and a tummy full of chocolate fish.